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A1 Supercross and Friends

A Night At The Races
Posted January 11 2010 01:49 PM by ATVR-Eli 
Filed under: Local Events, Eli Madero

 What more could anyone ask for? Good friends, good racing and a reason to get out of the house. Dan Guetter of called to let me know that he had a couple of extra tickets for the opening round of Supercross in Anaheim, CA (A1) and wanted to know if my best friend and I wanted to join him and his friends. Opening round of SX? I'm all over it!

After meeting up with Dan and his wife at the gates to the stadium we were given our tickets and made the trek to the top of the stadium. Dan apologized because of the location of our seats and hoped his "hook-up" might have been a bit closer to the track. In the words of my friend Jim, "our seats are two rows above the Goodyear blimp." After years of attending the SX races at Anaheim, i've come to the conclusion that the only undesirable seats are at the field level, and for free i'm not going to complain at all.

Once we were all settled in and the races kicked off, we were witness to some great bar banging action. The Lites class leaders seemed to pull away pretty quick but the action taking place mid-pack was the best of both heat races. I even spotted some awesome looking gear on some of the riders that I really want to get now. The Troy Lee Designs Steve McQueen Edition gear and helmet are very sharp as are most of the items that come from that company. The 450 qualifiers had good action as all eyes were on Ryan Dungey who is a rookie in the class this year, and he definitely did not disappoint.

In years past after the qualifiers were done, KTM used to have the KTM 65 Challenge, where local kids would enter a drawing and be selected to ride identical bikes on the same track as their heroes for 3 laps in front of a packed stadium. For whatever reason, i'm assuming financial costs, they no longer do this and it leaves a great amount of dead time after the LCQ's have been run. While there was a 5 minute freestyle show (wooooo..... scarcastic enthusiasm) and a very cheezy publicity game for Toyota, many of the fans looked uninterested including me. This made for plenty of time to catch up with Dan and what is going on in his life. He informed me of the freestyle tour that his brother has been performing in called Nuclear Cowboyz. Not long after he mentioned it to me, there was a video on the bigscreen announcing upcoming tour dates.

All of the biggest names in Freestyle MX seem to be a part of the show and picking Derek Guetter to represent the ATV fanatics on his Can-Am DS 450 is a nice addition. It wasn't long ago that I caught Dan landing his first backflip to dirt on YouTube and seeing how excited he was. Derek is doing them on a regular basis in this show, and according to Dan the fans are loving it. There are going to be 3 stops in the Southern California are and i'm going to make it to at least one of those so we can get some great pictures for our website.

In the SX Lites class the racing was good as Monster Energy Kawasaki team rider Jake Weimer led the race from start to finish followed by Trey Canard and Ryan Morais. The elite SX class was definitely a bigger story with even more fierce action than the qualifiers and Lites classes put together. The rookie Ryan Dungey grabbed the holeshot followed by last years champion James Stewart while Chad Reed, Stewarts biggest competition from last year, settled for a mid-front pack start. After crossing the finish line jump on the first lap, Reed pulled into the pits and handed his bike to his mechanic as he started to make his way to the pits. He fell victim to a crowded corner where his front wheel spokes met the foot peg of a fellow rider ending his night.

Out in front Dungey continued to lead Stewart up until the  last  4 laps of the race when Stewart made his move  for the lead  resulting in the entire stadium rising to their feet in excitement.  As everyone assumed that the race was done, Dungey came back with a valiant effort to take the lead back unsuccessfully and settling for a 2nd place finish. Surprisingly Kevin Windham, a veteran on the track, worked his way up for the final podium spot. This was some of the best racing i've seen in SX for quite some time and i'm looking forward to more in the future. I'm also looking forward to the Nuclear Cowboyz tour to come into town so I can see what all of the hype is about.

Thanks Dan!!

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